:pencil: MyScriptJS is the fastest way to integrate rich handwriting features in your webapp.

What is it about?

MyScriptJS is a JavaScript library that can be used in every web application (whatever JavaScript framework you are using) to bring handwriting recognition.

It integrates all you need:

Getting started


  1. Have bower installed.
  2. Have a MyScript developer account. You can create one here.
  3. Get your keys and the free monthly quota to access MyScript Cloud at


  1. Download MyScriptJS library
    bower install myscript
  2. Create and edit index.html file in the same directory.

  3. Add the following lines in the head section ot your file. We use pep to ensure better browsers compatibilities. Note that you can also use it using bower dependencies: ```html

4. In the `body` tag, create a `div` tag that will contain the editing zone:
    <div id="editor"></div>
  1. In JavaScript, create the editor attached to editor DOM Node: ```javascript var editorElement = document.getElementById(‘editor’);

MyScript.register(editorElement, { recognitionParams: { type: ‘MATH’, server: { applicationKey: ‘#YOUR MYSCRIPT CDK APPLICATION KEY#’, hmacKey: ‘#YOUR MYSCRIPT CDK HMAC KEY#’ } } }); ```

  1. Launch a local webserver and browse the sample.


The directory examples/ of this Git repository contains all the example source codes.


A complete guide is available on MyScript Developer website.

The API Reference is available in the docs directory or on website.

Building MyScriptJS

:warning: Master refers to 4.0.x versions of the lib. Consider branch 1.2.x for previous versions of MyScriptJS.

Instructions to help you build the project are available in file.

Getting support

You can get some support from the dedicated section on MyScript Developer website.

Sharing your feedback ?

Made a cool app with MyScriptJS? We would love to hear about you! We’re planning to showcase apps using it so let us know by sending a quick mail to


We welcome your contributions: If you would like to extend MyScriptJS for your needs, feel free to fork it! Please sign our Contributor License Agreement before submitting your pull request.