iinkJS examples

Table of contents

iink SDK web with WebSockets

TEXT with iink SDK web (with Smart Guide)

MATH with iink SDK web

Disable guides

Custom pre-loaded resource text

Custom lexicon text

Import content text

Import content math with JIIX

Pointer events

Handle errors

Configure on-demand export

Math inside page

Searching text (without Smart Guide)

Interact with iink SDK web

Customize the style and change the font

Custom resource math

Custom resource math (pre-compiled)

Use multiple inputs fields

Use local storage to save text

Change the language

Highlight words

Produce file from writing (docx, html...)

iink SDK web with REST

TEXT with iink SDK web

DIAGRAM with iink SDK web

iinkJS usage without the UI

MATH with iink SDK web

RAW CONTENT with iink SDK web


Configuring debug traces


Demonstration of existing technology still limited. May not work. Contact us if you are willing to use it.

GRAPHICS with iink SDK web